The Official List Of Things Cool & Uncool

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Morning hard-ons are cool.

Morning hard-ons with no one to share them with are uncool.

Spanking your monkey at home is cool.

Spanking your monkey in the Jr. Misses' Department at Wal-Mart is uncool.

Penis Enlargement is cool.

Lorena Bobbit is uncool.

Sex with a woman is cool.

Sex with a transvestite is extremely uncool.

Heterosexual sodomy is cool.

Barn yard sodomy is uncool.

Sheep in heat are cool.

Lenny chasing sheep through fields with hip boots on and a bulge in his jeans is uncool.

Swallowers are cool.

Spitters are uncool.

Two dogs smelling each others asses is cool.

Two guys smelling each others asses is very highly uncool.

Porno flicks are cool.

Seeing your sister doing your mother in a porno flick is uncool.

Choking your chicken is cool.

Choking someone else's chicken is uncool.

Chicks with large breasts are cool.

Chicks with large dicks are uncool.

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