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Please click on the links below for an explaination of how each technology works and how to use it in your own network designs.


10 Mbps Ethernet (10 Base-X) Basics
10 Base-2 (ThinWire) Ethernet Networks
10 Base-5 (Thick) Ethernet Networks
10 Base-T (Twisted Pair) Networks
10 Base-FL (Fiber Optic) Networks
Ethernet Repeater Rules
Switched Ethernet Networks
Fast Ethernet (100 Base-X) & Gigabit Ethernet
Fast Ethernet Basics
Fast Ethernet Design Rules

FDDI Technology

Fiber Optic Testing

IBM Midrange Systems (AS/400, System 3X) Connectivity

Structured Cabling Systems

Token Ring Basics
Token Ring Network Design Guidelines
Token Ring Networks: Advanced Topics
Wide Area Networking (WAN)
ADSL Technology 
Communication Circuits
T-1 Basics


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